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Institute of Museum and Library Services


  • Security: This is an Official United States Government System, which may be used only for authorized purposes. Unauthorized attempts to defeat or circumvent security features or to use this system for other than its intended purposes are illegal and may result in criminal, civil, and/or administrative action. To protect the integrity of this system, IMLS may monitor any activity and retrieve any information stored on the system. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring.
  • Privacy: By submitting your review online, any information you submit may be used to determine eligibility, assist reviewers in evaluating the application, select successful applicants, and administer the award program. The information will be disclosed only for governmental purposes or as required by law under the Freedom of Information Act or other statutory provisions. For more information about privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • Confidentiality: The information contained in IMLS grant applications is confidential. Do not discuss or reveal names, institutions, project activities or any other information contained in the applications, even after the review period. If you have any questions concerning an application, do not contact an applicant directly. Such contacts may give rise to a conflict of interest or an appearance of a conflict and may challenge the ability of reviewers to make impartial recommendations. IMLS will contact the applicant regarding any questions you may have about an application. IMLS will not disclose the identity of a peer reviewer in connection with comments submitted to the agency.
  • Conflict of Interest: Please review the Conflict of Interest Statement and your list of applications carefully. If there is a potential conflict of interest with any of the applications you are reviewing, you must contact the appropriate IMLS Program Officer immediately. Once you have reviewed an application, you should never represent the applicant in dealings with IMLS or other Federal agencies concerning that application or any grant that may result from it.
OMB No. 3137-0035
CFDA No. 45.312